Mar. 13th, 2017

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Я, кажется, решил проблему "что читать в метро, пока нет смартфона". Я нашел в ящике стола в родительской квартире Nokia N800, которой в июне исполнится 10 лет со дня покупки. Она вполне функционирует и аккумулятор заряжается, и 4GB-SD-шка в слоте торчит. На ней работает не только FBReader, но вот даже jabber ей-ный с моим prosody сконнектился вполне успешно.
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1. Забавно, что французы пользуются термином Frexit, а не Frsortie.
2. Frexit, Nexit Oexit (который, конечно Öexit), Grexit, и даже у Gexit-а есть сторонники. А кто, собственно, в лавке-то останется, если Франция, Нидерланды и Германия последуют за Британией? Испания и Италия?
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Про то как сделать, чтобы начинающие программисты лучше работали:

Один из комментариев из этой дискуссии был даже вынесен в отдельный пост что для /. нехарактерно:

The problem is that our industry, unlike every other single industry except acting and modeling (and note neither are known for "intelligence") worship at the altar of youth. I don't know the number of people I've encountered who tell me that by being older, my experience is worthless since all the stuff I've learned has become obsolete. This, despite the fact that the dominant operating systems used in most systems is based on an operating system that is nearly 50 years old, the "new" features being added to many "modern" languages are really concepts from languages that are between 50 and 60 years old or older, and most of the concepts we bandy about as cutting edge were developed from 20 to 50 years ago. It also doesn't help that the youth whose accomplishments we worship usually get concepts wrong. I don't know the number of times I've seen someone claim code was refactored along some new-fangled "improvement" over an "outdated" design pattern who wrote objects that bare no resemblance to the pattern they claim to be following. And when I indicate that the "massive view controller" problem often represents a misunderstanding as to what constitutes a model and what constitutes a view, I'm told that I have no idea what I'm talking aboutâ"despite having more experience than the critic has been alive, and despite graduating from Caltechâ"meaning I'm probably not a complete idiot.) Our industry is rife with arrogance, and often the arrogance of the young and inexperienced. Our industry seems to value "cowboys" despite doing everything it can (with the management technique "flavor of the month") to stop "cowboys." Our industry is agist, sexist, one where the blind leads the blind, and seminal works attempting to understand the problem of development go ignored.

Поняли, господа программисты, с кем нас сравнивают - даже не с водопроводчиками или дворниками - с актеришками и фотомоделями.


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